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Sunshine Coast University Hospital

It’s always a pleasure working with our local construction companies to deliver a high-quality product and finish, for the natural stone used throughout this project. Not only did they deliver a state-of-the-art hospital, they created a fantastic space throughout the foyer and grounds by using a variety of stone types and concrete finishes.

A high quality, commercial grade, impregnating sealer was needed to assist in the long-term maintenance of these surfaces and QUANTUM was selected for its performance values and proven track record on many other Queensland projects.

QUANTUM was essentially designed and birthed many years ago during the construction of the Q1 building on the Gold Coast. At the time they required a higher performing sealer than any others they could source locally or internationally. Being a local manufacturer, we were able to develop and produce a product that not only met their requirements but exceeded the performance values of our competitors.

The Sunshine Coast University Hospital is another key project that is benefiting from our high-performance sealer QUANTUM by assisting in the ease of cleaning their natural stone and masonry surfaces.