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Concrete hardners/densifiers

Solutions Sealers Concrete Hardeners and Densifiers are specially formulated to strengthen and fortify concrete surfaces.

These innovative products penetrate deep into the concrete, reacting chemically to solidify and densify the structure. This process not only increases the surface hardness but also makes it more resistant to abrasion and damage. Ideal for industrial and commercial applications, these hardener/densifiers significantly enhance the durability and longevity of concrete floors and structures.

With Solutions Sealers Concrete Hardeners/Densifiers, your concrete surfaces become more resilient, ensuring they withstand heavy use and maintain their integrity over time. This makes them an essential choice for anyone looking to improve the performance and lifespan of their concrete installations.


DENSIFY-PLUS is a blended Potassium Silicate with a water based penetrating sealer. It is specifically designed for large commercial applications including multi story carparks.


DENSIFY-K is a colloidal Potassium Silicate that is primarily used as a first stage in the concrete polishing process. It can be used in either domestic or commercial applications.


DENSIFY-LiK is a colloidal blend of Potassium Silicate and Lithium Silicate. This high solids densifier is primarily used as a LiK coat during the resin polishing stage.