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colour enhancing

Solutions Sealants' Colour Enhancing range is expertly crafted to amplify the natural beauty of stone and concrete surfaces. These products delve deep into the material's pores, not just forming a protective barrier against stains and moisture, but also enhancing the inherent colours of the surface.

The unique formula of these sealers chemically bonds with the substrate, ensuring that vibrant hues and textures stand out more strikingly. Ideal for a variety of applications including counter-tops, floors, and walls, these sealers cater to different needs with their specialised formulations.

Incorporating a Solutions Sealants Colour Enhancer in your maintenance routine not only safeguards your surfaces but also enriches their aesthetic appeal, ensuring that they remain stunning and durable over time.


INFUSE is a long life impregnating colour enhancer additionally giving you stain and water repellency.


SILACRYL WET LOOK is a high solids, solvent based acrylic sealer. It has been designed for quality, longitivity and especially suited to slate and other porous stone.