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Daily Cleaners

For stone and concrete surfaces treated with sealers, using the right daily cleaners is crucial.

These cleaners are specifically formulated to be gentle yet effective, ensuring that the integrity of the sealant is maintained while keeping the surfaces clean. They effectively remove everyday dirt and spills without harsh chemicals that might degrade the sealer or harm the natural beauty of the stone or concrete.

Regular use of these specialized cleaners helps prolong the life of the sealant and keeps the surfaces looking their best. It's important to choose cleaners that are pH-balanced and free from acidic or abrasive substances to ensure the longevity and appearance of your sealed surfaces.


NATURAL CLEAN is a neutral PH cleaner which will not damage sealed or unsealed surfaces. Being a concentrate you can clean up to 1000sq metre per litre.


REPLENISH CONCENTRATE is an easy to use non toxic, biodegradable cleaner which can also top up the sealer on your surface.