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Solutions Sealers pre-sealer range serves as a crucial first step in protecting and preserving the integrity of porous surfaces like stone and concrete.

These pre-sealers are expertly formulated to penetrate deeply into the material, laying down a foundational barrier that helps prevent stains, moisture intrusion, and other forms of damage. By effectively sealing the pores, they ensure a more even and effective application of the final sealing coat. Suitable for various surfaces, including walls, floors, and counter-tops, these pre-sealers are versatile and easy to apply.

Integrating a Solutions Sealers pre-sealer into your treatment process is key to enhancing the longevity and appearance of your natural finishes, setting the stage for a lasting and beautiful result.


PRE-SEAL TILER is an economical ready to use silane. It is ideal as a pre-sealer on porous stone and masonry.


PRE-SEAL CONCENTRATE is a water-based water repellant. Once diluted it is ideal as a pre-sealer on porous stone and masonry.