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Star City Casino – The Darling Hotel Sydney

Another significant project in the beautiful Darling Harbour – Sydney.

The Star City Casino Precinct required a specialty treatment for the sandstone supplied for the Darling Hotel façade (along Pyrmont Street and Union Street). Multiplex required a natural look sealer that would protect the sandstone against the elements and in the event of a graffiti attack.

SOLUTIONS SEALERS engaged the research and development team to test the stone for suitability and performance against graffiti attacks. We achieved the natural look of the stone with minimal change to its appearance and no change to its tactility or texture.

SOLUTIONS SEALERS were able to achieve anti-graffiti protection that makes the surface easy to clean when removing paint off the surface without using harsh chemicals or solvents. A simple application of SOLUTIONS SEALERS PART-B Graffiti remover and a light pressure wash is all that’s required for paint removal after a graffiti attack.

The natural look is achieved by using our ANTI-GRAFFITI SYSTEM that is permanent and uses a bio-degradable cleaning agent (PART-B Graffiti Remover) to remove paint after a graffiti attack. The winning combination of a long-lasting natural look sealer and a bio-degradable cleaner makes this system superior to sacrificial coatings that take away from the stones natural look and feel.