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MERNDA Train Station – Melbourne

Melbourne is rapidly growing, and their infrastructure is improving to meet the demand. Throughout Melbourne level crossings are being removed in favour of an overhead rail system to ease congestion and improve pedestrian safety.

Also, many existing train stations and platforms are either being upgraded or relocated.

SOLUTIONS SEALERS have been heavily involved in this project and The Mernda Station is certainly setting the standard with its use of Bluestone, Granite and Coloured Concrete.

These surfaces are high traffic areas and required a natural look impregnating sealer to assist in cleaning but not alter the slip co-efficient of the surface. A variety of different sealers have been used throughout this rail project depending on the site requirements and surfaces being sealed.

SOLUTIONS SEALERS continues to work on this large scale project that has seen many stations already successfully sealed and treated with our impregnating sealers.