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Charles Perkins Centre – University of Sydney

SOLUTIONS SEALERS were approached as an Australian manufacturer due to our capabilities of supplying a high volume, quality Australian made product. All our impregnating sealers are formulated and manufactured in Queensland.

Sandstone was selected by the architect as façade panelling and throughout the building. Due to exposure to the elements, the product SILCOPEL was selected to maintain and keep the stone surface looking pristine.

SILCOPEL is a high quality water repellent the reduces the moisture uptake on the sealed surface. This sealing process reduces the ability of moss, mould and mildew to grow on the surfaces, as well as reducing the ability of airborne contaminants penetrating the sandstone.

SILCOPEL has been designed to bond within the matrix of the stone and increase the life of the stone by denying moisture within the substrate. Sedimentary stone like sandstone benefits greatly when sealed with SILCOPEL.

SOLUTIONS SEALERS worked closely with the Brookfield Multiplex to not only manufacture and supply product but assisted in the logistical process of getting the product to various locations across Australia and South East Asia.